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Keep your car safe

Keeping premiums down
May 19, 2015
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August 21, 2017


A few golden rules… It doesn’t matter what kind of vehicle you own, thieves will take any car that is easy to steal, irrespective of the model. Professional thieves tend to target newer cars and often go for high-powered cars and certain cars are stolen to order. Any anti-theft device will deter thieves so it is always a good thing to have some kind of security measure. Criminals try to avoid vehicles that have visible deterrents, factory-fitted alarms are the better than cheaper ones on the market, as they are easy to overcome. Leave nothing on show!! Untidy vehicles attract car thieves and when indoors, put your keys away somewhere safe. When parking on a drive, drive in rather than reverse in The best way to keep your vehicle safe is to put a tracker on it, wheel-locking nuts. Most important, keep it locked!